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Three New Authors (To Me) That I Will Auto-Read After 2021

2021 was a great year of reading rediscovery. Starting this blog and my Booktube channel was one of the best things I did for myself. Not only did I restore my love of reading, but I discovered audio books and a wide variety of new authors and genres that I enjoy.

There were three new authors that I discovered in 2021 that stood above the rest. After finishing their books, I knew right away that their future books would be an auto-read for me.

1. S.A. Cosby

I was introduced to S.A. Cosby's writing this year with his new release Razorblade Tears. If you've been following my YouTube channel or reading this vlog, you would know that this was my very first five star read since starting Literati Medium.

Cosby writes what I like to call "cinematic thrillers". The book plays out like a movie in your head. It doesn't even feel like you're reading a book most of the time.

Razorblade Tears had beautiful character arcs for both of the protagonists. They felt like whole and complete people. Their core misbeliefs are explored and transformed throughout the course of the book.

What I especially love about Cosby's writing is that he doesn't shy away from talking about real issues. Razorblade Tears deals with everything from homophobia and racism to institutional poverty. Reading how Buddy Lee's and Ike's views on all of these things transform simply through healthy communication felt like what everyone needs to read right now.

2. TJ Klune

By now, I feel like almost everyone in the book community has either read or is planning to read TJ Klune's The House in the Cerulean Sea, and there's a reason for that.

The main reason I believe Klune's writing has taken off like it has is because of one word: heart.

His books make you feel without completely destroying you. They're sweet without being saccharin. By the end, you don't just like the characters, you love them.

Klune's writing style is very visual. He paints a very vivid world with his words that reminds me of Roald Dahl or the movie Penelope. Colorful and whimsical with just a touch of magic.

On his biography page, he says that, "it's have accurate, positive, queer representation in stories", and I think he does just that.

3. Claudia Gray

Okay, so technically Claudia Gray isn't a new author to me as I apparently read a few of her Evernight books more than a decade ago, but I didn't even realize she had written that series until I was preparing to write this article.

2021 was the year of becoming a Claudia Gray stan girl for me. I read two of her Star Wars High Republic books and one of her original books - Defy the Stars - which ended up being my favorite book of the year.

Claudia's protagonists are always likeable, from the straight-laced, young Obi-wan to the naïve and tough Abel. You care about them. Plus, you have to admit that a writer is talented when they can make a literal, unspeaking rock an interesting and heroic character.

Her books always have well thought out and executed story arcs. The arc for Defy the Stars was so compelling that I'm actually scared to continue the series in the fear that it will be less perfect. know...


What new authors did you discover in 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

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