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Ten Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Book Lovers According to Their Love Language

Finding the perfect gift is always difficult.

But when the person you're buying for expects you to come up with the perfect gift, it becomes almost impossible.

Valentine's Day is just a few days away, so with that in mind, here are a few gift ideas for the book lover in your life according to their love language.

Words of Affirmation

This beautiful bookmark is a great gift for someone who values words of affirmation. Every time they look at this bookmark in the future, they'll think about the person who gave it to them and know that you value having them in your life.

This next gift idea is quite a few steps above a simple bookmark.

This paper time capsule contains the materials to compose twelve love letters on cute stationary.

What has more meaning to someone who values affirmative words than twelve hand-composed letters?

Not much.

Your valentine will know how much you care because not only did you think of a gift that caters to the way they receive love and affection, but because you took the time to complete this gift.

Bonus Date Idea:

Meet your book lover at their favorite library or bookstore. Before they arrive, hide the letters in their favorite genre section and have them look for all twelve!

Physical Touch

This was, admittedly, the hardest love language to complete for this blog post.

However, this Midnight Dragon massage candle from Fleur de Spa saved the day.

What do book lovers love almost as much as books? A candle. What do people who receive love via physical touch enjoy? A massage.

This candle is the best of both worlds as once it's lit, the melted wax becomes a massage oil.

While Fleur de Spa does have other scents that could be classified as both masculine and feminine, the Midnight Dragon candle adds a fun, fantasy theme that any genre reader will probably enjoy. Plus, it smells like pineapple and peaches with a hint of a rosy-floral and vanilla.

Note: This would not be a good gift for someone allergic to coconut or soy.

Schedule a date night in front of the fireplace with this Sherpa blanket and a nice cup of book-themed tea.

The blanket is the perfect size for cuddling and the tea is tagged with different literary quotes.

Acts of Service

We all know that book lover that has stacks of books next to their shelf that they haven't put away yet (this is definitely me), or who just never set up an organized area for their books in the first place, so there's just chaos...everywhere.

If this book lover also values acts of service, then a great idea is to help them get their book collection organized!

What's great about this idea is that it's perfect for any budget. If they already have what they need and just need help organizing, then it's free except for your time!

If they have stacks of books with no home, then you could pair your project with one of these bookcases. They come in 3-tiers or 5-tiers with lots of different color options!

Just make sure to collaborate with your book lover on this one as we bookworms tend to be very particular about how we want our books organized.

This one is an oldie and a goodie, and perfect for your acts of service book lover. This coupon book is fully customizable, so you can write your own coupons!

Try filling it with things that will lighten your valentine's mental load. Do they always do the dishes? Have a coupon for that. Have another one where you completely organize date night, etc.

Quality Time

So, quality time has always been my love language, and I have had my eye on The Adventure Challenge books for ages.

This couple edition would be the perfect gift for your quality time book lover. Not only will you have all your date nights planned for a long while, but at the end, they'll have a wonderful book/photo album that documents your time together.

I know, I know, the above picture doesn't look very Valentine's Day themed, but hear me out.

This next idea for your quality time valentine is: a host your own murder mystery or complete a virtual escape room by Masters of Mystery.

They have a ton of options, including these mysteries obviously inspired by books like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

If you've never hosted your own murder mystery, you should! They're a ton of fun.


We're down to the last (and easiest - as far as this post is concerned) love language!

Buying a gift for someone whose love language is gifts is pretty easy, but here are a few out-of-the box gift ideas for your book lover that you may not have thought of.

This 100 Books Bucket List is a great gift for your reader valentine. It's cute and they get to scratch off the books they've already read.

Bonus? You'll have plenty of future gift ideas; just look at what books they haven't scratched off yet!

Crisp Pages & Co. over on Etsy does these adorable book blind date bundles!

All you have to do is take a picture of your valentine's bookshelves or send the link to their Goodreads page and Crisp Pages & Co. will send a personally curated book with goodies to help with the reading experience.

Hopefully this gift guide will give you some great ideas on what to get your special someone this Valentine's Day.

Have other suggestions on what to get someone according to their love language? Did your valentine get you one of these gifts? Tell me about it in the comments!

Please note: Some of the links included in this article are affiliate links. This means that I may make a small commission should you utilize the link to purchase that product. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Know that I will never recommend anything that I have not tried (and like) or use myself. If any of these products interest you, please use these links to help support Literati Medium so I can continue making and improving my content for you.

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